• Adherent

    A person who regards The Salvation Army as his/her spiritual home but has not made a commitment to soldiership.
  • Articles of War

    A volunteer signed document confirming one's personal faith in Jesus Christ adhering to certain biblical truths and a moral code pertaining to the Christian lifestyle.
  • Blood and Fire

    The Army’s motto; refers to the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit.
  • Cadet

    A Salvationist in training for officership.
  • Candidate

    A soldier who has been accepted for officer training.
  • Commission

    A document conferring authority upon an officer, or upon an unpaid local officer, eg secretary, treasurer, bandmaster, etc.
  • Corps

    A Salvation Army unit established for the preaching of the gospel and service in the community.
  • Corps Sergeant-Major (CSM)

    The chief local officer for public work who assists the corps officer with meetings and usually takes command in their absence.
  • Dedication Service

    The public presentation of infants to the Lord. This differs from christening or infant baptism in that the main emphasis is upon specific vows made by the parents concerning the child’s upbringing.
  • Division

    A number of corps grouped together, under the direction of a divisional commander. The Salvation Army Meadowlands Corps is part of the Ontario Great Lakes Division.
  • General

    The officer elected to the supreme command of the Army throughout the world. All appointments are made, and all regulations issued, under the General’s authority (see under High Council).
  • Junior Soldier

    A boy or girl who, having professed conversion and having signed the junior soldier’s promise, becomes a Salvationist.
  • Local Officer

    A soldier appointed to a position of responsibility and authority in the corps; carries out the duties of the appointment without being separated from regular employment or receiving remuneration from the Army.
  • Mercy Seat or Penitent Form

    A bench provided as a place where people can kneel to pray, seeking salvation or sanctification, or making a special consecration to God’s will and service. The mercy seat is usually situated between the platform and main area of Army halls as a focal point to remind all of God’s reconciling and redeeming presence.
  • Officer

    A Salvationist who has left secular concerns at God’s call and has been trained, commissioned and ordained to service and leadership. An officer is a recognised minister of religion. Officer ranks are in the following order: Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieut-colonel, Colonel, Commissioner, General.
  • Promotion to Glory

    The Army’s description of the death of Salvationists.
  • Red Shield

    A symbol identifying a wide range of Army social and emergency services.
  • Salvation

    The work of grace which God accomplishes in a repentant person whose trust is in Christ as Saviour, forgiving sin, giving meaning and new direction to life, and strength to live as God desires. The deeper experience of this grace, known as holiness or sanctification, is the outcome of wholehearted commitment to God and enables the living of a Christlike life.
  • Sergeant

    A local officer appointed for specific duty, usually in a corps.
  • Soldier

    A converted person at least 14 years of age who has, with the approval of the census board, been enrolled as a member of The Salvation Army after signing the articles of war.
  • Territory

    A country, part of a country or several countries combined, in which Salvation Army work is organised under a territorial commander. The Salvation Army Meadowlands Corps is part of the Canada and Bermuda Territory.
  • Young People’s Sergeant-Major (YPSM)

    A local officer responsible for the young people’s work, under the commanding officer.